Helio | October 3, 2022 | 2 min read

Best CPG Data Platform for Competitive Benchmarking and Intelligence

According to McKinsey, CPG companies that excel at revenue-growth management and data analytics are more likely to win and remain ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re responsible for brand management, M&A, innovation, or analytics, you’re searching for the best CPG benchmarking platform because you know how important it is to understand your brand’s current position in the market.

CPG leaders know that digging into actionable insights about how you stack up against the competition will help drive and maximize results. And that begins with finding the right CPG data platform.

How to Find the Best CPG Data Platform

As you’re evaluating the right competitive intelligence tool for your particular industry and product mix, there are a number of questions you should be asking:

  1. How robust is the data? During times of economic uncertainty, markets are less forgiving, customers are more demanding, and insightful information is priceless. As a result, a close look at how robust and reputable the datasets are is critical. Note and compare the number and type of data sources utilized by the platform.
  2. How many brands are incorporated in the data? For industries that are particularly vulnerable to disruption from emerging brands, breadth of information is critical. The more brands you can track, the easier it will be to accurately analyze — and stay ahead of — the competition.
  3. Does the platform focus on a particular industry? Now you’re looking for depth of information rather than breadth, and, of course, expertise. Be sure the platform has a unique focus on the CPG industry. This way, you know all channels, categories, brands, data points, attributes, etc. will be accurately addressed.

Stay One Step Ahead with Helio

To fulfill ambitious growth goals, you need a platform with forward-looking intelligence. The Helio platform puts your finger on the pulse of emerging trends before they actually emerge, so you are one step ahead of your competition at all times.

The industry’s most forward-looking platform, Helio pulls data from more emerging brands (1.5M+) and more sources (200+) than the competition. As a result, we deliver the best predictive intelligence around emerging brands and trends.

In just three clicks, Helio reveals actionable insights about your competitors, your customers, and your competitor’s customers, so you can:

  1. Defend shelf space
  2. Conduct due diligence about a potential investment
  3. Identify emerging trends that inform new product development

What Makes Helio Different?

First, our data is just plain better. We have more data on more emerging brands and from more sources, so you identify emerging trends more quickly with Helio than with our competitors.

And we really get it. We’ve been where you are. We actually built Helio for ourselves so we could make better investments at CircleUp Growth Partners. We’ve been refining the product as its primary user for almost a decade, so you can:

  1. Build, grow, and invest in the brands of tomorrow with increasingly strategic data-driven decisions. More brands and more sources mean you have a complete picture of your industry at any given point in time so you can make more confident decisions for your business.
  2. Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends faster. By identifying brands and trends before they peak, you can act faster than your competition and stay ahead of the curve. Companies that tap into predictive data are more likely to defend shelf space, invest or acquire without overpaying, be first to market with products that consumers obsess over, and more.
  3. Glean a holistic picture of your target market to deliver products that today’s customers will obsess over. While other platforms focus solely on e-commerce, retail, or social, Helio gathers data from 200+ sources. Why? Because we know comprehensive data enables our clients to meet customers exactly where they are with exactly what they want.

Learn more about what Helio’s comprehensive insights can do for your business. Click here to request a demo today.

Zen Water

A water brand with an estimated revenue of $10-$20M (a +407% YoY increase)


A carbonated drink brand with an estimated revenue of $10-$20M (a +104% YoY increase)

Mad Tasty

A water brand with an estimated revenue of $1-$5M

Shine Water

A water brand that is in 3,000 retail doors (a +329% YoY increase)

All Wello

A juice brand with an estimated revenue of $1-$5M (a +89% YoY increase)

By understanding how these trends will impact the CPG landscape, you can position your business for success.

To learn more about Helio or get in touch, visit heliodata.com.