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Why Experience Matters for CPG Brand Growth

CPG brands constantly look for new ways to reach and engage their target audiences. Traditional marketing tactics like TV and print ads are no longer as effective as they once were.

To connect with consumers on a deeper level, brands need to focus on creating experiences that immerse them in the brand and leave a lasting impression. 

This is where customer experience (CX) comes in.

What is the Role of Customer Experience (CX) for CPG Brands?

While some CPG brands understand the concept of CX, many still need to work on putting it into practice in a way that will create actual, tangible results. 

Bain & Company conducted a study that found only 8% of people described their experience as "superior." However, 80% of the companies surveyed believed they provided a superior experience.

So, what's holding organizations back?

A big part of the problem is that many companies still view providing a rewarding customer experience as something that happens after the sale rather than something that should be integral to every touchpoint along the customer journey. 

CPG Brands’ Role Throughout the Customer’s Journey

For CPG leaders, the name of the game is growth—and to grow, they need to identify trends, stay ahead of the competition, understand consumer sentiments, and defend their shelf space.

To achieve CPG growth, brands must first understand each step of the customer’s journey—from brand discovery and consideration to becoming a loyal brand advocate.

  •  Discovery: How do consumers learn about new brands and products in this category? Discovery happens when you meet your buyers where they are—when your brand becomes visible on channels where they spend the most time with. For instance, Gen Z shoppers discover new products through Instagram influencers or find emerging brands on TikTok. Millennials don’t just go to Google to find customer reviews, they now use ThingTesting, a platform that rounds up cool new CPG brands. That said, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and make brand discovery happen—both online and offline— if you’re not plugged into the proper channels or have crucial insights about your customers. 
  • Consideration: How can buyers know how your CPG brand differs from others? How do they know your product solves their problems or pain points? Shopping for CPG brands can be tricky for customers, too. Products often sell out quickly, and it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for. Prices vary significantly from store to store, even within the same city. How can CPG brands fill in the gaps and make it easier for customers to pick them over competitors?
  • Conversion: How can CPG brands provide a seamless shopping experience for customers—from adding products to the cart to having various payments available, even all through to returns or exchanges? Which US retailer is best for established CPG brands? Which one is more likely to accelerate a brand’s retail velocity and set it up for long-term success?
  • Advocacy: Becoming a CPG brand loyalist happens in small daily interactions on the brand level. It’s more than just the products—the overall CPG experience with the brand spells the difference between spreading the word about it and shopping for options. How can CPG brands make them feel seen, supported, and valued?

CX is more than just selling a product—it's creating an emotional connection that will encourage customers to become lifelong brand advocates.

For instance, Rothy’s is an emerging CPG brand that addresses consumers’ desire for sustainable fashion. It offers clothing and shoes from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles. 

From its website interface to its simple, straightforward messages, Rothy’s provide a user-friendly experience that helps spur word-of-mouth for the brand. Helio shows that Rothy’s have one of the top visibility on social media word-of-mouth.

Rothys Overview1

Rothys Overview-1CX creates a positive experience that allows your target to engage with the brand throughout their customer journey personally—from discovering your brand to becoming its most loyal advocate.

How Can CPG Brands Monitor Customer Experiences

There are several ways that CPG brands monitor customers’ experiences today. The most important factor is having access to as much customer intelligence as possible. 

Social media and online information now provide CPG brands access to more data than ever before—data sources that can be used to identify and track shopper behavior, customer feedback, customer engagement, and trends such as the following:

  • Social media data can be used to track customer feedback and measure engagement.

  • Website data track website visits, page views, and time on site.

  • Sales data track sales volume and revenue.

  • Customer surveys can be used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CPG brands should also track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS), purchase intent, and brand sentiment across different channels. They must dive deep into customer segmentation to understand which groups are more likely to be satisfied with their product or service.

One of the best ways for CPG brands to monitor customer experiences is using data and insights platforms like Helio.

Helio Helps Brands Monitor CPG Experience

By tracking consumer sentiment, where people are shopping, and their key purchase criteria by brand and category, Helio sets up CPG brands for success.

While many platforms focus solely on e-commerce, retail, consumer, or social, Helio looks at multiple sources to paint a holistic picture of performance. This empowers CPG leaders to identify a channel mix and retail strategy that meets consumers everywhere they are, not just on Amazon, Shopify, or stores—reaching a larger total addressable market and increasing their chances of CPG growth.

Helio helps CPG brands understand what consumers want and how they make purchasing decisions so they can develop and promote products they’ll obsess over.

Additionally, Helio offers trend identification and brand growth prediction, which can help brands stay ahead of the competition.

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We’re more comprehensive.

Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive: pulling data from more brands (over 1.4 million) and more sources (over 200) than the competition.

We’re more comprehensive.

Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive: pulling data from more brands (over 1.4 million) and more sources (over 200) than the competition.

We’re more comprehensive.

Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive: pulling data from more brands (over 1.4 million) and more sources (over 200) than the competition.

We’re more comprehensive.

Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive: pulling data from more brands (over 1.4 million) and more sources (over 200) than the competition.

By understanding how these trends will impact the CPG landscape, you can position your business for success.

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